What drives the RugWorld brand?

(Pictured: NZ wool hand-knotted traditional rugs are part of our heritage, however we stock thousands of types of rugs, putting together the largest collection of rugs ever seen under one roof.)

For nearly 40 years, RugWorld has built a reputation on quality, style and service.

Over the years, the owners of the small and still family run business have travelled to many exotic and far away locations to choose products that must meet certain criteria for the New Zealand market.
Where available, New Zealand wool has always been first choice in production.
Cottage industries and home weavers also have been the main producers of quality product RugWorld stocks, and these traditional rug making methods are still used today in many of our fine Indian made products, ensuring quality labour standards and conditions,  and the use of only the highest grade materials possible.

RugWorld has never compromised the risk of reputation by choosing cheap labour or substandard materials- and our customers can clearly see the differences in our products.

It’s no secret our products can cost a little more, but when compared to ‘similar looking’ products of lower standard, the price difference  is often negligible, and in some cases can be the same or even less due to our long standing relationships with our suppliers.
What you get for your money is value for money- in a true sense. Quality that will not only last longer, but look better, clean easier, wear better, have less problems over the time of using it- including the absence of many common cheap product problems today on the market including pile excessively fluffing due to cheap materials, and pile falling out due to cheap manufacturing- something we sadly hear about all too frequently.
You won’t have these issues with our product- ever.
If product we are considering purchasing doesn’t tick all the boxes- we don’t buy it.

If you are looking for something other than what you see everywhere else, and have a discernment for a quality difference, come and see us today and talk to us about what you are looking for- that’s our business to help you.


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