The wonders of NZ Wool

NZ Wool has always been a favourite of ours here at RugWorld.

Why? So many reasons.
There are of course different grades, some are cheaper and some are more premium. We tend to use the premium wools for the following reasons:
Firstly, no other wool in the world can compare to its soft, yet strong qualities.
It is rich in natural oils, meaning you don’t need to treat the wool with protectors, as it is already naturally protected from spills, stains and dirt.
The sheen from the premium wool is a sign of quality. Some of our premium hand knotted NZ Wool rugs are so beautiful, I am questioned as to whether it is really wool or not, because of the silkyness quality.
The long, strong fibres ensure that the wool stays in the rug and does not moult all over your floor or clog up your vacuum! This also means the rug will stay together as the yarns create strength and will not break like the cheaper wool.
Find a quality that suits your requirements, then look to fitting into your budget- this way you will find a rug that you will love, and will serve its purpose throughout its lifecycle.
Simply purchasing on price will get you only one thing- a lower initial cost which will cost you more over time.

Unfortunately, the bulk of ‘wool’ rugs around on the market are of very low quality wool which shed and fluff, and soil very easily. The means of manufacturing methods of those cheap rugs also fail over time, with much of the pile falling out. Low cost rugs are not designed for heavy or long term use, and ultimately you will spend twice as much replacing it much sooner, and also having many problems during the life of the rug.

Come and see us today and we can show you what is best for your circumstances, and your budget- it’s what we love to do!



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