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gabbeh rugs

(100% Hand-knotted pure wool Gabbeh rugs of premium quality. Heavy weight, strongest dyes available, using the highest quality minimal fluffing wool available, in sizes from 70x140cm up to 250x350cm. Each rug is different and no two are the same.)

Rug World has traditionally stocked some of the highest quality rugs available on the market in addition to our value items.
Many buyers have the ingrained thought that ‘if it’s expensive, it must be good’.
However, this is not always the case, and quality product need not be over priced simply because it is unavailable elsewhere.
Most often, overpricing is set by the product exclusivity, not the quality itself.

At RugWorld we have a different pricing method- we price items according to their cost to us by manufacturers. This is always inclusive of the material quality, and as importantly, the labour and manufacturing costs.
We have also always been about delivering not only quality, but quality alongside the best real value to our customers for nearly 40 years.
Sure we could use cheaper suppliers and use lower grade materials, but then what would we have that is different from everywhere else?
No, we still choose the best suppliers with higher grade materials and ethical labour usage, many are select cottage industries, and home weavers.

We visit our suppliers in their home countries, and also have visited some of the expert weavers in their own homes who make the actual items.

The materials we use have specific qualities about them, e.g top grade wool that has minimal fluffing, manufacturing processes that mean the pile does not fall out and is more durable, and the use of dyes and colours that have the strongest resistance to fading available in the worldwide market today.

Come and see us today and experience what true quality means, and where you get more quality and value than you pay for.

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